“It’s such a wonderful read.”*

“Grips the reader from the first few lines”*


“Hobart appears as luminescent.”*

You can read the blurb for The Slipping Place here.

A Mystery Novel About the Nature of  Mystery Itself

The Slipping Place is a darkly suspenseful murder mystery, and a compulsive page-turner, but it also a multi-layered novel, with ideas that will stay with you long after the murderer has been identified. 

It features bookshops, artists, nineteenth century literature and the glorious and complex city of Hobart.

At one level it is concerned with mystery itself, the place of mystery in everyday life, the way we struggle – and fail –  to understand the world, each other and ourselves.

The Slipping Place is about lies, secrets and unspeakable cruelty. It is about mothers and sons, unconditional love and bonds of blood. It is about the things we thought we knew, and the things we miss…

and it is about a choice, a decision point, that is infinitely, vanishingly, terrifyingly small.


* Barbie Robinson, Living Arts Canberra

Praise for The Slipping Place from academic assessments for PhD