Robbie Coltrane’s true masterwork

Goodbye Robbie. So sad that we will see no more of you.

Coltrane’s performance in National Treasure in 2016, depicting the complex character of comedian Paul Finchley, was described in The Guardian as exceptional and brave.

And of course everyone is talking about Hagrid.

But for me, Robbie will always be Cracker.

Created by the British screenwriter, Jimmy McGovern, the series Cracker shows Robbie Coltrane at his spellbinding best. You will cringe, you will be outraged, and you won’t be able to look away.

Robbie plays Edward ‘Fitz’ Fitzgerald, a brilliant and flawed forensic psychologist. The series is set in Manchester in the 1990s but it is timeless.

And Cracker is always completely engrossing and compelling. It portrays timeless human situations, with themes of loss, anger, betrayal, grief – the full Shakespearean panoply of human existence.

And what can I say. Robbie Coltrane is breathtaking.

No, really, go and find this one, anywhere you can.

McGovern was awarded two Edgar Awards for this series from the Mystery Writers of America.  

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