Devastation Road

A road near Yackandandah, Victoria. It used to be called Station Road, but eight years ago things started catching fire. Then a girl was killed, and someone got smart with the name.

Now it’s happening again. There’s a fire, and Matt Tingle and Chess Febey find another girl, drowned in a pond.

Chess isn’t Matt’s friend. She’s one of those people you get stuck with – well meaning, total virus. But she knows how to answer questions, and there are plenty of those: Why are Tara and Wando afraid? What is the meaning of that lump of amber? How can a car be blue and white at the same time?

To find out who killed their friend, Matt and Chess have to put themselves in danger, they have to look deep into themselves, and they have to reveal things about the past… other people’s secrets…..

And the truth about what happened on Devastation Road.