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Joanna Baker was educated at The Friends’ School, Hobart, the Australian National University and RMIT, Melbourne. She is the author of four murder mysteries.

Murder Mysteries are not Trivial

The blog posts on this site examine murder mysteries, why they are so enduring, and why they are not trivial.

“The thing is, I have an abiding enthusiasm for murder mysteries. I don’t think they’re junk literature. I take them seriously, and hopefully on these pages I’ll be able to explain why. I’d love some responses. I’d love a conversation.” Joanna Baker

In A Book of Shadows, a PhD thesis completed at RMIT Joanna explores the deep connection between mystery and death. The thesis examines the possibilities for murder mysteries offered by the aesthetic construct of the sublime and Emmanuel Levinas’s notion of the il y a.

Social Media

Online, Joanna writes about the two places she loves.

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Tasmania Stories presents stories from the history and rich cultural life of Tasmania.









Riparian is run by six Albury writers and has stories, poetry and articles about history and culture of the Albury region and NE Victoria. Both of these have a corresponding Facebook page.



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Just for fun, Joanna also has a Facebook page called Women Over 50. The tagline is:

“Stronger. Wiser. Less fear. More freedom. It’s time women over fifty were put at the centre of things. Time we were written about in books, shown in films. Time our stories were told.”


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Finally, Light Up the Page is a website that offers thoughts about writing for young people.