Acknowledgements, The Slipping Place

Much gratitude is due.

Firstly to my literary and accomplished friends at Riparian — Dotti Simmons, Louise D’Arcy, Jane Downing, Raylene Brown and Sally Denshire. They are a constant source of wisdom and hilarity.

Secondly to my vibrant, talented and worldly-wise friends in the Little Londsdale Group of writers — Jewelene Barrille, Leslie Falkiner-Rose, Troy Hunter, Kathryn Ledson, Kate O’Donnell, Margareta Osborn, Anja Tanhane, Jennifer Scoullar and Diane Simonelli.

Glenda Downing and Catherine Heath were both invaluable as thorough, intuitive and insightful editors at different stages of the writing.

Thanks are also due to the Sisters in Crime Australia for inspiring writers and readers everywhere, to Varuna for early support, and to Peter Bishop, Andrea Goldsmith, Sydney Smith, Linda Daley and Francesca Rendle-Short for guidance.

Zoe Hale, Jane Curry and Eleanor Reader were conscientious, efficient and generous in bringing this project to fruition.

My three kids and their partners are so wonderful that I can try anything now, because I know that nothing else really matters.

And above all, thanks are due to my dear husband Martin, for his generous spirit and unwavering support.