The Elsinore Vanish

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“A tragic death, an impossible murder. This mystery is going to take more than careful logic.”

An Intriguing Variation on the “Locked Room” Murder Mystery

Set in Beechworth, Victoria

“Looking back, it’s obvious we should never have kept going. But stories feel different when you’re inside them.

And I didn’t realise. That’s my other excuse. I had no idea how bad it was going to be.”

Ten months ago, in the Beechworth Town Hall, Tim Williams died horribly, poisoned with potassium cyanide in front of a room full of people.

The murder was impossible. When it happened the poison was locked in a cupboard, two kilometres away, with someone sitting in front of it.

The police have got nowhere with the case and now Matt Tingle and Chess Febey have been invited to Beechworth to see if they can find out what happened.

It quickly gets messy. Everybody is lying to them. There are two seriously big guys following them around in a van.

And there’s a kid and who keeps showing them a card trick. The Elsinore Vanish. What’s that all about?

Then they see the van again, and this time it stops …

This time Chess’s logic isn’t helping. If she wants to catch this murderer she needs a new pathway to the truth. She needs to learn to understand people.

And she has to look deep into the mysteries of The Elsinore Vanish.