“Dream Five 

My mother starts turning.

And now I don’t want to see her, because she is already dead.

I want her to stop. I shout, ‘I’m sorry. I’m sorry.’ 

But she won’t stop. My mother turns and the hat flies off and the green dress swirls and her black hair flies out and soon I will see her face and now I am screaming.”

Chess Febey’s mother died when she was five and no one will tell her how or even where it happened. She doesn’t have grandparents or know anyone from her past. Her father Alec is moody, unco-operative, alcoholic.

Then one evening Chess hears the word “evermore” and she immediately knows two things: that word has something to do with her mother … and she must find out the truth.

With her friend Matt Tingle, Chess has already solved two murders. She is strong enough to do this. And she’s convinced she knows something – she’s convinced she heard something about her mother’s death when she was very young. There are memories somewhere, waiting, just beyond her grasp.

And there’s something else she is sure of. There are clues in her dreams.

But when Matt and Chess finally discover the story of her mother’s death, it is more terrible than anyone had imagined.

Matt and Chess’s third mystery is a story about love. It is about lies and cruelty, sudden death, tragic loss and deep deep anger. 

And a truth that a little girl cannot bear to remember.

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