The Limits of Reason

Best The Elsinore Vanish Cover Option6 600 high

Their Story is Not Over

In Devastation Road, two fifteen year old people, Matt and Chess, find the body of a friend and become embroiled in a murder mystery. In the process they come face to face with the sadness of death and the deep grief of bereaved parents, and they learn more about themselves and each other.

At first I thought I was writing a stand-alone murder mystery, but by the end of the book I’d got to know Matt and Chess well. I wanted to tell more of their story.

Beyond the rational

Chess is committed to logic. She is very good at staying rational, and this is what allowed her to solve the puzzle in Devastation Road. In the second part of the trilogy I wanted to challenge that.

card trick2

The Elsinore Vanish (coming in June 2019) explores the limits of logic. It’s about things that appear to be impossible. It draws on conjuring, sleight of hand and a magic trick called The Elsinore Vanish.

More about The Elsinore Vanish here.

Logical deduction leads Matt and Chess around in circles. To solve this mystery, Chess has to stretch her reasoning to its limits and then go beyond that – into danger, into a deeper understanding of the people around her. She has to find a new pathway to the truth. 


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